A little known muscle deep in your buttocks is the Piriformis. It sits right above your sciatic nerve and follows the same route towards your hip. The complaints and symptoms are similar with pain in the buttocks and radiating down your thigh.Often the pain worsens upon sitting for extended periods of time. Our first thought is a disc problem,which it  may be, but examination of the piriformis should be performed. A trained massage therapist (me) will position your leg  and palpate the region. There will be an active trigger point usually mid buttock area that will mimic your pain. A soft tissue release technique is applied for a few minutes. You will notice a decrease in the trigger point pain  and massge should be applied.You will be instructed in a terrific stretch that you can do any time. This treatment is very effective and will take you out of your pain.

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  1. Nina Gleichman Says:

    I was looking for a deal on Groupon for a massage after checking out several popular places and fancy “chains”…and I am so happy I chose this place. I wanted to try massage to help me with stress and anxiety, and because I have a sedentary desk job. No need to shop around as I was so pleased that I booked another appointment with Maggie before I left. Thank you!

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