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Life’s A Sport

Author: Gail Mangold

                                       LIFE’S A SPORT!!!

Have you been jumping to conclusion?

Climbing the wall?

Pushing your luck?

Haven’t we all at one time or another! When we take a look at all the activities we do on a daily basis, we realize life does take on an athletic twist.We bend down to pet our animals, wrap our arms around our loved ones and firmly grip the steering wheel while driving. If there is discomfort or pain during our activities of daily living,we use alot more energy throughout the day. It is no wonder we are exhausted.

One of the most effective ways to help you perform of these activities on a daily basis is therapeutic massage! Massage increases your circulation to improve muscle movement as well as ridding the body of toxins. So as you move through your day there will be less discomfort,you will use less energy because your muscles will be working with greater efficiency.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a weekday warrior, give therapeutic massage a try…you will feel better!

What’s keeping you from us?

Author: Gail Mangold


Got some jelly in your belly? Forget to shave your legs? Do these concerns stop you from receiving the benefits of therapeutic Massage? Every woman is sensitive about her body; often all she sees are her “flaws”. Show us a woman who is 100% pleased with her body and chances are her plastic surgeon is not far behind or has worked on her “behind”. Allow us to put your mind and body at ease.
Massage therapists are professional body workers whose primary emphasis is on improving your health through touch. Our concern for your well-being goes beyond your physical imperfections. Massage improves your self-image and gets you in touch with your body. Massage shows that you care about yourself and boosts self-esteem, plus increases your energy.
Would you like that “pain in your neck” to go away? How about increase your flexibility? Recharge your lymphatic system to decrease your muscle soreness? Get a speedier recovery from your injury, accident or just have a mini vacation from your daily routine? Our responsibility is to make you feel comfortable during your massage, so you can rest assure we don’t pay attention to the size of your thighs. So do not wait to lose weight, feel good now!
Grand Therapeutic & Sports Massage Center offers an atmosphere of welcome relief…..

Stretching, what you should know

Author: Gail Mangold


Stretching is beneficial to increase flexibility, blood flow, oxygen and nutrition to the muscles. More importantly is the way to stretch. Stretching should be a painless process to help improve and maintain a greater quality of life.
For years experts have advocated prolonged static stretching. This type of stretching is actually harmful to the muscles. Tendons are the part of the muscle that attaches to the bone and is where the stretching takes place. When there is discomfort or pain during a stretch, this discomfort activates the stretch reflex and forces the tendons to contract to protect it’s self. At this point our flexibility decreases as well as the blood flow. This is not an efficient way to stretch.
One of the safest and effective methods of stretching is ACTIVE ISOLATED STRETCHING. This process involves three steps: Identify, Isolate and Intensify. The first step is to identify the muscle or muscle group to be stretched. Second, isolate the muscle in a position of comfort and least resistance, not the working state of the muscle. Thirdly, intensity by initiating the stretch to a point where you feel the stretch WITHOUT any discomfort or pain, hold for two seconds ONLY, return to starting position and repeat 10 -20 repetitions.
A common area of tension that benefits from correct stretching is the neck/cervical muscles. Sit down and relax your neck and shoulder muscles within your normal range of motion. Breathe as you drop your right ear to your right shoulder, stretching your left neck muscles. Take the stretch to the point where you feel the stretch without any pain, hold for 2 seconds only and return to your starting position. Repeat 10-20 repetitions. Now stretch the right side of your neck following the same procedure. Each repetition you will notice an increase in your flexibility. This technique will not trigger the stretch reflex that may result in muscle soreness or tearing of the muscle tendons. Stretching should not hurt!
Active Isolated Stretching reduces muscle tension, improves the flow of lymphatic fluids that allows the body to get rid of toxins. It also helps create better stamina and performance for all our activities of daily living.