Many hours of “hands on” training and courses are required to become a Certified Massage Therapist.Several speciality seminars to sharpen skills should also be taken throughout massage therapists careers, all necessary for a successful practice. I have found throughout my 25 years experience that COMMUNICATING with my clients every time they visit my center is one of the most important skills. Each time your needs and goals can be different. Pain moves,different muscle groups are tight,activities of daily living increase as well as stress levels. So before the” hands on” application of therapeutic massage occurs,questions must be asked: “Do you have any areas of increased soreness?”, “What is your primary goal for today’s session?” and one important question “Is there ¬†something you do that takes you out of the pain?”All of your answers are helpful in planning your session for that particular day so you receive the most effective treatment.

One of my favorite communication tools is client education! Information as to how our muscles ¬†and systems work together, why pain and swelling occurs and what you can do to be pro-active on a daily basis enables you to get back to living healthier. It also takes the fear out of a common question I get all the time ” What is that lump in the back of my shoulder ?” Once you know is normal that muscles bunch up and applying therapeutic massage helps smooth ’em out, recovery is on the way!

Mother Teresa stated “Let no one ever come to you without leaving feeling better and happier.” Communication between you and me is one of the best ways of accomplishing just that.







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