You grasp a bottle of milk from the fridge and instantly you have pain in your arm. You drop the milk all over the floor.Right away you say to yourself “I am so weak, I can’t even lift a bottle of milk out of the fridge”. You are not weak…IT IS THE PAIN that made you drop the milk. But often medical professionals bypass the pain, medicate the pain so we don’t feel it,and encourage us to do strengthening exercises. Yes, exercises should be encouraged and preformed but not until the PAIN has been addressed.If you strengthen the muscles around the painful site first without dealing with the pain you further ” lock in that pocket of pain”. When pain in present we are unable to preform our activities of daily living, let alone do exercises!!!

So how do we deal with PAIN?

Therapeutic Massage is one very effective modality to reduce pain. Pain causes the inflammatory process to kick into high gear to protect the area and the swelling greatly decreases our range of motion, also to protect the area from future damage.Massage techniques,applied correctly by a qualified therapist,helps to decrease the swelling by physically increasing movement of the inflammatory fluids out of the muscle fibers.Once the fluids are flushed out of the muscles (and you drink H2O) swelling decreases and your muscles become healthier with all the good nutrients now in your muscles.Your range of motion also increases as movement is now pain free because  your muscles are preforming as they should.This does take time and several treatments may be required. Muscles have memory and it may take a little time for them to remember what it feels like to feel good again.

After  the pain is gone, you will find you are not weak after all and you won’t drop that bottle of milk on the floor! Now you can return to  your daily routine pain free and exercise all you want.

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