Author: Gail Mangold

One of the most common questions I am asked is “How often should I come in for a massage?” There are three basic answers:

1.MONEY…yes, you do have to pay for your massage and all our clients state “It’s worth every cent”. But if you are struggling into todays economy and are worried while you are getting a massage that you really can’t afford a massage you certainly will not recieve the full benefit of that massage! This is a very important issue that is often not addressed. I discuss all fees before your session. There is nothing worse than being charged for more after your massage, and yes, it’s happened to me. I have had many clients spread out their¬† massage sessions this past year which allows them to still recieve regular massage and not stress out over money.

2. TIME… yes, all our days are packed with bunches of things we must get done. When you make an appointment in our time crunched lives sometimes it is veiwed as one more thing you gotta do! If you are getting a massage and worried about your next appointment or the fact you really don’t have time to be here you will not recieve the full benefit either. So make your massage session when you can relax and enjoy the time you are spending on yourself.

3.¬†MASSAGE… yes, regular massage helps greatly to reduce pain, relieve the stresses of everyday life and enables you to a greater awareness of your body and its complaints. So when you notice your shoulders are at your earlobes you can take a minute to stretch and relax. The benefits of regular massage can be long standing.

I hope these answers have helped clear up three of the most important questions to make your massage experience great… after all it is THERAPEUTIC.

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