The Combo

A blend of deep tissue and soothing healing massage

30 mins: $40.00
60 mins: $75.00
90 mins: $100.00

Deep Tissue

Application of acupressure and deep pressure to area of complaint

30 minutes $45.00


A soothing, relaxing massage to renew and replenish your body and spirit

30 mins $35.00
60 mins $60.00
90 mins $90.00

TheĀ  Stress Reducer

A blend of techniques applied to neck, shoulders, arms ,hands and entire back with a blend of essentials oils for maximum relaxation

45 mins $50.00

Pregnancy Massage

a wonderful massage to help alleviate muscle strain and tension associated with your pregnancy and also to prepare your muscles for the birth process

30 mins $35.00
60 mins $65.00

Hot Stone

Application of warm stones applied to muscles to melt tension away

Full Body: 90 min $110.00
Upper Body: 60 mins: $60.00

Sports Massage

Specialized techniques are applied for training and injury repair as well as pre-event and post-event massages.

Restorative/Corrective:based on time $40.00 – $70.00
Pre-event:40 mins full body: $45.00


A therapeutic taping method that enhances function of tissues and systems

$15.00 per application(includes tape fee)
$25.00 for 2 application areas (includes tape fee)
$10.00 evaluation fee (if needed)
Taping includes 2ft. of tape, overage is $2.00 per foot

Foot reflexology

massage and pressure to the reflex points on the feet

30 mins $40.00

Thai Foot Massage

specialized massage and acupressure to calves and feet

50 mins $55.00

Soft Tissue Release

a highly effective technique for carpal tunnel, plantar fascitis,piriformis syndrome and all areas of complaint

Based on time:$20.00 – $45.00

Active Isolated Stretching Instruction

an effective PAINLESS method of stretching to increase flexibility and improve activities of daily living you can do at your home

Allow 1 hour: $50.00