In todays economy, we are all trying hard to watch expenses. In recent years there have been a few massage “chain stores” that offer a very reasonable rate for a one hour massage. Lately, a few clients have returned to Grand Therapeutics after being “locked” into a year contract at the” chain store” massage centers. One returning client said he say 30 different therapist within the year. Although the massages were fine, he also stated when he presented a therapist with a particular problem he was suffering with, they didn’t appear equiped to deal with said complaint. So back to Grand Therapeutics he came!

Each time a clients comes for an appointment it is most important to communicate their complaints and concerns, as well as the results from their previous massage session. These questions must be asked by the therapist. Also keep in mind these will change from session to session. While developing a relationship between the client and therapist, the therapist quickly knows a clients likes and dislikes. That allows the therapist to prepare the appointment correctly for that individual client. A simple adjustment of the temperature in the room to fit the preference of a client will make a difference.

The  CONSISTENT CARE and EXPERTISE  you recieve at Grand Therapeutics is invaluable and remember YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

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