A few words from those who know us best

Oftentimes, what others think of us usually rings louder than what we often think of ourselves. In that light we share the following quotes from those who know us best.

I would not have been able to train and complete The Ironman without Gail’s weekly massages. Her knowledge and background in Physical Therapy never ceased to impress me and gave me the confidence to undertake the Ironman. I only wished she was there at the finish to give me  a much needed post-event massage!  Thanks so much Gail!

Bob H. #403


Gail has been my massage therapist of choice for 20 years… each sessions  is customized to help my ever changing aches and pains. i feel 100% better after each session!

– John K

I have been seeing Maggie weekly for 5 years. The personal attention she gives me each week has greatly diminished the stress and tension I live with due to chronic neck and back pain.

Barbara W.


Gail, Thank you for your wonderful consistent service you give your clients. You are so caring and kind, its been fun to share and laugh through the years.

– Penny B.

I suffer from severe Fibromyalgia which is so bad that it affects my ability to perform normal daily activities. It even forced me to switch my job responsibilities at work. Maggie’s deep tissue massage and her attention to detail on the different areas affected by this disorder {esp. my neck} has made me able to function so much better and with decreased pain. Massage has had  to become a part of my lifestyle and I’m thankful I found Maggie to Help me.

Danyell W.

If it weren’t for my weekly sessions with Gail, I would be on medication for rheumatoid arthritis. She has made such a difference in my life with her expertise in massage therapy. I wouldn’t know what to do without her!

– Sharon T.

I have a high stress job and suffer from alot of tension in my neck and back. I have been going to Maggie twice a month for 3 years and her massage has really helped remove the pain and tension I experience, plus it feels really good!

Sue N.

Gail’s massage is the best in Corona!

Cathy H.

I was able to run 5.5 miles yesterday followed by 13.5 today. It’s the best my leg has felt in 2 months. Just a hint of a problem but nothing that hurt or made me stop running. You ALWAYS know what to do to fix the issue. Thank you so much for helping me run again!!!