Often Clients seek out a Massage Therapist to work out their knots and kinks.They ask immediately for a deep tissue massage.

Our muscles are in layers, connected with fascia(connective tissue). In order to be effective and work out the knots and kinks, we simply need to “peel the onion” of there layers. As we peel the superficial layers of the skin and fascia through various techniques,WITHOUT causing pain, we are able to get deeper into the muscle fibers and release the knots.When you attack the muscles out of the gate,creating pain, the muscles react by contracting and shortening ( to protect themselves from further pain). So now the muscles are back to where they were when you came in for relief!We can work on these muscles all day without any benefit.

As the layer settle down they allow the Therapist to work deeper and untie the knots.You are now receiving DEEP TISSUE work but your muscles are not threatened,do not contract and shorten.There may be occasional discomfort at this level, but short lived.Thus they lay down,return to their resting length and the blood supply now returns between the fibers as healing occurs and the knots disappear. Your normal range of motion returns and the pain goes away.Yes, this may take a few sessions for lasting relief… But NO PAIN IS YOUR GAIN.

It is our goal at Grand Therapeutic and Sports Massage Center to inform our clients as to the ‘workings”of their muscle and hope this article helps in understanding Deep Tissue work.

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